High quality Chinese RC jeep for the hobbyists with a limited budget

 A cheap rock crawler This is another high-quality Hong Kong/China RC jeep for the RC hobbyists with a limited budget.  With a combo of spiders looks and jeep tires, an RC crawler gives a perfect look of little Hulk. There is nothing like watching your mini jeep with oversized tires go through roughest and toughest patches of land. Among the radio control (RC) vehicles the box wagons, cars, and many other toys, Crawlers are super cool and jumpy ones because of their features like crawling not only rugged off roads but also on extensive rocks. This video is about

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Your kid will love these little monsters

   Rock crawlers for the hobbyists with a limited budget These are another high-quality Hong Kong/China RC jeeps for the RC hobbyists with a limited budget.  This time, we introduce two smaller crawlers.  One is toy car that costs under $50.  Another is from HSP; its price is about $130. A mini RC rock crawler might be your answer Rock crawling is a very popular activity right now.  There are many professional or semi-professional competitions going on around the world. There might be one in your neighborhood.  When your kid watches a  video about a crawling race, he can

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brushless motor

Brushed motor vs brushless one

  Brushed vs brushless motors   The man in this video is an RC crawling professional. In his video, he compares a brushed motor and brushless motor. Since the prices of these kinds of motors are very different, one must learn the advantages and disadvantages between the two. For example, we usually use a brushless motor for a somewhat wet condition as is it tightly sealed, while a cheaper brushed motor is not; a brushed motor is more appropriate for dry grounds or rock climbing. However, if you are willing to pay more you will find a waterproof brushed motor. This

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hsp 94880

What is 4×4 RC cars? Let’s see and find out.

   HSP 1/8 94880 The first thing I have to mention is that this crawling jeep (94880) is from HSP, a Chinese RC car maker.  It is a 1/8 rock crawler.  This jeep has four giant wheels, so it should be able to climb pretty well as it has high ground clearance.  It looks so big and powerful.    Then, its chassis is made of metal, so even it rolls over, it should stand this kind of abuse.  For its price (about $200), it should be one of the best HSP RC jeeps.  It also has all the required

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About G Made R1 Rock Buggy RC Crawler

  About G Made R1 Rock Buggy RC Crawler This is the R-1 rock buggy from G Made which has a price of around $250-$270. It comes as unassembled, but for a few extra dollars, you can get a pre-built model. The main R1’s feature is its appearance. The nylon tube frame looks awesome and there is probably nothing alike in today’s market. This RC crawler is not a competition crawler but can go anywhere and to anything rock racer. Riding R1 is a lot of fun. On the random, not that demanding terrain its wheels will almost always stay

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What can a Chinese RC Jeep do?

   To buy the HQ 727, click here   Huan Qi 727 This is another high-quality Hong Kong RC jeep for the RC hobbyists with a limited budget.   Its name is Huan Qi 727, a clone of the Traxxas Slash 4×4 clone.  Out of the box, it is with 2s and brushless motor only.  However, it can also handle as powerful as 3s lipo battery and brushless motors with high kV. The excitement this powerful horse brings to you is unforgettable.   Don’t worry if this RC jeep can stand this abuse.  Watch the video, you will know that

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What do you think of Chinese RC jeeps, cheap and low quality?

Chinese RC cars are in low quality? When we think of Chinese products, we might relate them to low quality and low prices, but in reality, that might not be the fact.  The reason why Chinese products are usually at a lower price is that; Chinese average wages are still low when they are compared to the wages earned by western workers.  Thus, manufacturers are able to lower their manufacturing overhead. The RC market is very competitive However, to compete with their western competitors, these manufacturers have to use higher quality raw materials.  This is, in fact, they usually have

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Upgrade and modify your 1/10 Axial rc jeep – replacing a better motor

A Crawler as the source for your excitement As soon as you get one of these 1/10 RC jeeps from Axial, you will find out that you will never get tired of it. First, it is a ready-to-run jeep, so you can drive it once you get it.  I don’t think you can put it aside for a while as it is a beast in the wild.  While you can get a lot of excitement from it, you can learn how to use your hands to fix things.  It is much better than playing with your phone. A 1/10 RC

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If you want a rc jeep that can climb and run fast, try Yeti

Yeti is a fast rock racer.   If you want your jeep to be able to climb and run at the same time, you should get it.  It is much faster than a regular crawler.  In fact, it is an off-road formula 1.  You might easily get bored with the slow speed of a crawler, then don’t miss Yeti.  While it is at a higher price, in my opinion, it is worthy.  The excitement the Yeti brings to its driver is unexpected. Can Yeti really Crawl?  Watch the above video to find out.  The video shows that Yeti is not

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rc crawling

What is RC crawling?

Why might RC crawlers catch your attention? Modern life is full of stress; it is especially true in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and Macau. From Monday through Friday, people living in those cities usually are extremely busy doing tasks for the money. They might hate their job, but for having a comfortable life, they need to do it. Thus, many people try to find something interesting to do during a weekend so they can temporally escape from their work. Some people good with their hands might be interested in having a

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