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How To Clean RC Crawler

Maybe you’ve always wanted to get into the hobby of radio control rock crawling and have had some worries about the durability of the vehicles. No one likes it when their new toys break or stop working. Well, today I am going to tell you some secrets about how to get into RC Crawling with your RC rock crawling jeeps and hopefully make you less worried about the potential hazards of the hobby. Choosing your Best RC Crawler (jeep) My very first hobby grade RC vehicle was a Team Losi Mini-T, it was built very well and lasted me many years.

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smartphone rc

RC car is an excellent alternative to playing your smartphone

The Adventures and Advantages of RC Cars We live in a world wherein remote-control cars are a blazing sensation. While they were once widely regarded as a children’s sport, the reality is quite the contrary in the present context. RC Cars are for everyone. From children to teenagers to adults and even the elderly, anyone and everyone can experience the excitement of racing RC Cars. As a matter of fact, this excitement for RC Cars has grown into a giant manufacturing industry that serves racing enthusiasts across the globe. Not just an insanely popular hobby, RC cars are one of

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mad torque

Are larger wheels better for RC crawling?

  What Are The Best RC Crawling Tires? Are bigger wheels necessary? The simple answer to this question depends on the situation you drive you RC rock crawling on.  While some RC rock crawling jeeps come with 1.9″ tires, others are installed with 2.2″ tires.  Then, which size you should choose for your jeep really depends on what your current objective is.  If you want the scaled look of your RC jeep, you really need 1.9″ tires.  However, it’s just that the smaller the tire you use, the worse your truck’s capacity is.  It’s just an eclectic.  The bigger the

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WLtoys 10428, another Reasonably Priced Rock Racer.

Who is Wltoys? RC rock crawling has been a very popular activity around the world. Whenever we pay attention to these events online, it is not hard for us to see the advertisements from Axial.  Axial is the key producer of RC rock crawling jeeps. While Axial has very high-quality RC jeeps, their prices are very high. Does that mean hobbyists must pay high prices for joining this hobby?  Thanks to some Chinese producers in the market. Wltoys is one of the famous players. Wltoys is a toy company in Canton, a metropolitan in China. It has produced many kinds

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lego rc

Unbelievable! Lego RC jeep is actually crawling on Rocks.

  Unbelievable!  Lego Jeep actually can crawl. I always think of Lego RC car as a weak little toy, in fact, it is not true.  Someone  actually built a superb crawler  using Lego bricks.  This jeep is 4-wheel drive, with superb suspension system.  It also has wonderful articulation, so it can crawl over rocks easily with its giant wheels.  Unexpectedly, it can also run over shallow water.  It is quite powerful as it has two motors pushed by a lipo battery . This RC jeep is more durable than I expect from an RC car made of Lego bricks. 

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skid plate

Adding a pair skid plates to your RC crawling jeep!

  The first step for modification After we receive our RC crawling jeep and drive it off road for a while, we might notice that there is a need to improve our jeep.  There are several options, such as changing a more powerful motor, a more durable chassis, metal gears or giant tires.  Replacing all the these can be costly.  However, even you do not want to spend any extra money after buying your jeep,  there is one thing you must add to your RC crawling jeep.  That is a pair protective skid plates. The importance of having a pair

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Adding an electric fan to your RC crawling jeep?

 A fan inside our RC cars Everyone should know that there is a fan inside each computer. Without this fan, our computer will not be able to work properly as the heat inside our computer is very high. After you press the start button, your computer should start up but within minutes, it will stop working. Then, should you install a fan inside your RC car? Is it necessary? It really depends on what power system are you using for your RC car. If you are using a lower power brushed motor with 7.2v NIMH battery, you might not

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A 1/10 crawler, SCX10 Deadbolt.

A 1/10 crawler, SCX10 Deadbolt This is a review article on the SCX10 deadbolt. This RC crawling jeep is ready to run on any rocky and wet condition. That means once you buy it, if you have the required battery and charger, you can have fun right away.  Axial designed this jeep to run on any dirt surface easily. I personally enjoy running this jeep on a beach as it looks real when water and sand spread all over it. Not many RC off-road cars are suitable for running on sand. I now list out the pros and cons for

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Considering getting a speedy rock racer?

Axial AX90045 This is a capable rock racer produced by Axial, an American company. Axial are producing all of its RC crawling jeeps in Taiwan. Axial has slower scaled, and detailed crawlers, more capable rocker racer, and professional rock crawlers. Ax90045 is one of their rock racers. If you like speed and the capability of crawling, you must get this one. This short article is about the pros and cons of this RC crawling jeep. Can AX90045 run well? Can AX90045 climb well? Should I get AX90045 Pros While this RC Crawling jeep has everything made of plastics, it is

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Rc4wd Gelande, a mini rc jeep.

Video 1: Unboxing and preview video for RC4WD Gelande II 1/18 Video 2; Watch this video to find out if this little monster can crawl! Another Top Quality mini RC jeep This is another high-quality Hong Kong RC jeep for the RC hobbyists with a limited budget.  You are an RC crawler hobbyist and you might also have a son/daughter.  While you are driving your $400 or $500 fully modified hobby graded RC crawler and your son/daughter keeps crying and try to get your crawler, will you let him/daughter play with it?  Your son/daughter might damage it as he/she does

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