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The types of batteries used in RC cars and how to charge them safely

Even you are an RC crawling beginner, you should know there is a wide range of batteries and charging options available for your best RC crawler.  Read along to find out about different kinds of batteries used in RC cars and how you could charge them safely. RC batteries are mainly of two types: LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer), which comes with a high energy density with a lighter weight with a powerful discharge and this requires intelligent chargers and NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), which is comparatively easier to maintain. Major differences between LiPo and NiMH batteries: Low-end models of devices come

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paint a body

How to paint an RC Lexan body shell step by step

Some of the best RC crawlers out there have custom paint jobs, and a lot of people wonder how to do this, and it’s not actually as difficult as you would think. You may be just starting out and want to do something custom or you could be a veteran in RC crawlers and just need a new body. Your RC crawler might have been thrashed around for weeks or years and need a new paint job, but you’ll need to essentially start from scratch instead of doing spot jobs. All you’ll need to have the best RC crawler, in

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RC tools

Tools Used in Your Best RC Crawler

 One of the best qualities of a good crawler is knowing his tools and also how to use them effectively. Your best RC crawler needs maintenance/servicing for durability and these tools are used in the repair, maintenance and even the beautification of your RC car. Hex Wrenches Buy a set of hex wrenches Hex wrench, also known as an Allan key or Allen wrench is a small handheld tool used for drive bolts and screws with a hexagonal socket. They are available in different sizes, though they all have the same hexagonal shaped tip. Features: The tool is simple,

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Restoring Vintage RC Cars

  Restoring Vintage RC Cars, the Joys and Challenges You Can Encounter   Classic Beauties Restoring a vintage RC car is one of the most rewarding activities a car enthusiast can perform. Transforming a seemingly old car back into its original look to preserve its glory is nothing less than a priceless art. Unless you have enough funding to buy a new car or happen to stumble upon a cheap car in a small model shop, restoring already used cars is not such a bad idea. Restoring vintage Tamiya RC cars is even more worthwhile as these are very popular

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Moments of my blogging journey

  No Pain, No Gain (I will continue updating this post)   In this article, I am going to talk about the sad and happy moments of the beginning stage of my blog, It is all about your Best RC crawler. In these moments, I have learned a lot about blogging.   At the same time, I spent some money (USD $1500) that I am treating that as the tuition for future success. I organize this article into two parts, the happy and the not so happy moments.     Not So Happy Moments (Money wasted)   Backlinks  

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Get Your Best RC Crawler

When you’re in the market for the best RC crawler, there are more questions running through your head than you can answer. Simply going to Google and searching for all the answer might not give you everything you’re looking for because you’re constantly going to run into ads or people and companies pitching their own crawlers. You probably want to just know what works and what you should be looking for instead of people throwing their own products at you and hoping you buy them, right? Points you need to remember before buying your best RC rock crawler for beginners

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Do Not Waste Your Money On Your Best RC Crawler!!!

6 most common mistakes made by RC car beginners. Are you an RC car beginner? or are you planning on getting your first RC car? Then you need to know the six common mistakes made by most RC car beginners so you won’t fall a victim.     Among those mistakes, we will discuss six of them and how to prevent these mistakes. Do not waste your money on RC cars. Instead learn the mistakes by heart, and enjoy running them. 1. Not reading or understanding the manual; This is one of the most common mistakes made by the RC

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Turn Your Best RC Crawler Into A Beast

  What Do I Have to Do If I Want to Upgrade My Brushed RC car to Brushless?   Items You Will Need After you run your RC car for a while, if it comes with a brushed system, you might want to upgrade its performance so it can out perform your friends’ on the tracks. To do so, you need to buy several items.     A brushless motor (that is obvious) An Electronic Speed Controller (one can handle the brushless motor and the LIPO batteries) A LIPO battery (2S; 7.4v or 3S; 11.1v) A charger for LIPO Batteries

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How to Prepare for An RC Crawling Competition

    Radio control (RC) crawling is a sport that involves a very slow, low geared RC truck with a high center of gravity and loads of torque. These crawlers are designed to climb rocks and rough terrain; they are also well balanced and light so that they can easily go up obstacles. If you really want to have fun Rock crawling, then you need to get into an RC crawling competition.  For RC crawling competition, you will need to do several modifications on your best RC crawler.  To improve its crawling power, you might want to lower its center

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10 Considerations Before Getting into RC Cars

10 Points To Get You Started With RC Racing Racing has always been a cool sport among the masses. With the introduction and popularity of remote control toys, racing has been upgraded to a higher notch. I have been a part of the RC community for quite some time to offer you only the truths about this hobby. If you plan on beginning with remote control racing, you have to make sure that you gather enough information in order to get the most out of your energy and time. Well, getting started with RC toys is not as easy as

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