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She is an RC racer! (fictional)

 On her cell phone again, Joey didn’t stop playing the Real Racing game. Joey was always obsessed with it at all times in the morning, at night, at the table, and even sometimes in the bathroom. Her mother was mad because she neglected her study because of this game. On one day, Joey went out with her mother, heading to the beach, while Joey was coming out of her house door and concentrating on her phone, hitting her foot in an RC car while Ken-their neighbor- was playing his favorite RC monster truck. Then Joey passed in front of

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real crawling

How to Get Started in Real Rock Crawling Competitions

  Rock crawling is an extreme form of off road driving using a vehicle. Drivers drive highly modified four-wheel-drive vehicles such as trucks, jeep and buggies over the very harsh terrain. Driving locations include boulders, mountain foothills, rock piles and mountain trails. Rock crawling competitions range from local event to national series.You win rock crawling events by running the course perfectly, and placing every wheel where it is needed to pass through a series of gates with the fewest number of penalty points. These courses are outlined with flags to mark the path and are covered with cones identifying the

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lego rc

Unbelievable! Lego RC jeep is actually crawling on Rocks.

  Unbelievable!  Lego Jeep actually can crawl. I always think of Lego RC car as a weak little toy, in fact, it is not true.  Someone  actually built a superb crawler  using Lego bricks.  This jeep is 4-wheel drive, with superb suspension system.  It also has wonderful articulation, so it can crawl over rocks easily with its giant wheels.  Unexpectedly, it can also run over shallow water.  It is quite powerful as it has two motors pushed by a lipo battery . This RC jeep is more durable than I expect from an RC car made of Lego bricks. 

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You will love RC jeep crawling!

   While you are watching the above video, you will begin to love RC crawling.  This activity needs you to have patient as these jeeps run very slow, but steadily.  In fact, they usually come with a brushed motor, 27T or 35T. Any above 27T will be very powerful.  The main purpose of crawling is to drive these jeeps to go to where has a regular off road car never gone before.  Also their suspension system offer very good articulation so they can move easily in tight corners.  When you compare a crawler with any Tamiya’s off road car,

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climb stairs

Let hold a RC conference in Pennsylvania State University

  Pennsylvania State University, is a prominent public research university located in Pennsylvania, USA. The United States Penn State University in Pennsylvania throughout the 24 campus, the largest of which is the main campus for the University Park. Penn State University’s University Park campus is ranked eighth in the nation’s public universities   Big campus for racing mini jeeps Pennsylvania State University has a big campus.  Once you enter it, you probably will think what activities you can do there.  Besides studies, I think you can hold many different kinds of activities there.  One of those activities can be RC

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The reason for this website

Why RC Jeep might catch your attention; Modern life is full of stress; it is especially true in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and Macau.  Furthermore, from Monday through Friday, people living in those cities usually are extremely busy doing tasks for the money. They might hate their job, but for having a comfortable life, they need to do it. Thus, many people try to find something interesting to do during the weekend so they can temporally escape from their work. Some people good with their hands might be interested in having

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